Hycast - Billet casting technology

Billet casting technology

Our billet casting technology is the industry benchmark and is known for its quality, robustness and efficiency. The GC technology has been used in Hydro Aluminium casthouses for more than 30 years and has consistently produced high quality extrusion billets. We provide great flexibility with module based casting tables, wide diameter and alloy ranges, outstanding pit recovery and excellent and consistent surface quality.

Hycast billet casting sequence is fully automated in combination with Hycast Casting Control System.

Read more below about our two billet casting technologies:

  • Gas Cushioning - GC
  • Low Pressure Casting - LPC

LPC billet casting

The Low Pressure Casting System (LPC) is a new patented casting technology for extrusion billets. LPC is based on the proven GC technology and offers a new standard in surface quality and flexibility.

  • Validated diameter range: 127mm - 520mm (5" - 21") for soft and hard alloys
  • For critical applications
  • Narrow inverse segregation zone
  • Lean inverse segregation zone
  • Optimized mould height for different alloys
  • Allows higher homogenizing temperature

GC billet casting

The standard in billet casting - a true casting workhorse.

  • Diameter range: 145mm - 405mm (5"-16")
  • Module based design
  • Patented dual graphite rings for optimal oil and gas distribution
  • Excellent and consistent surface quality
  • Outstanding pit recovery
  • Mathematical models used to optimize metal distribution system
  • Very robust process with minimized need for manual operations during casting
  • Excellent safety track record
  • Low operational and maintenace cost