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Next generation casting technology

Delivering state-of-the-art fully automated casting lines.

For more than 30 years Hycast has been a leading and world class provider of aluminium casthouse technology. Hycast is a spin-off from Hydro R&D and today the company is an independent entity with commercial operations all over the world.

We have gained extensive experience and know-how through delivering technology, products and services to customers worldwide, both inside and outside Hydro. Many of these projects have been turn-key deliverables where Hycast have been responsible for engineering, fabrication, supervision, installation, commissioning and testing of all equipment and systems supplied.

Hycast has its core expertise within end-to-end aluminium casthouse technology. People are our key asset and we posess highly skilled and experienced core resources within process know-how, mechanical engineering, electrical- and automation engineering, project management and supply chain and fabrication.

From our headquarter in Sunndalsøra, Norway we develop and sell full-range aluminium casthouse solutions, including technology for melt treatment/purification and vertical DC-casting of aluminium alloys.