Hycast - Why work with us

Why work with us

Hycast is a melting pot of highly competent employees where we bring together academic knowledge and hands-on experience. We value diversity and transparency and see our employees as our main asset. When we asked our suppliers, customers and the local community how they perceive us, this is how they answered:

"Superior technology and products"

"At the frontline of innovation"

"Strong internal competence and knowledge"

"Informal culture and easy to collaborate with"

We also asked for our improvement areas, where standardized work processes and increased professionalism were some of the hot topics to address. As a response we have launced a new business system, HYBS, where we have defined five key principles describing how we work:

  • Standardized work processes
  • Defined customer and supplier relationships
  • Optimized flow
  • Dedicated teams
  • Visible leadership

We are a company that will continue to develop and evolve and we need bright minds and good colleagues. We are always open to hear from good candidates. You can also visit Hydro's recruitment portal to see open positions.

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