Hycast - Sustainability

Driving sustainability

The world needs materials and as the world develops this demand will continue to grow. However, we not only need materials, but we need more sustainable materials. Ethically sourced, produced with low emissions and recyclable. Materials that lasts longer, in all aspects.

Aluminium is the metal of the future. By developing and delivering technology that enables efficient production of high quality aluminium products we seek to be part of the solution to the great climate challenge. Sustainability comes in many forms and shapes. From consumption to production. From our perspective, we choose to focus on both.

Our promise is to improve our technology focusing on safety, quality and efficient operations through:

  • Advocating world-class safety culture
  • Eliminating personnell in hazard zones with hands-off-casting process and fully automated casting lines
  • Superior equipment quality securing long lifetime
  • Reduce use of process gas and other consumables to minimize emissions and lower operational costs

Leading the transition towards sustainable casthouse solutions

R&D is part of our DNA and we continuously seek to develop technology and solutions that is fit for the future. Please read more about how we work with innovation and sustainability below.