Hycast - Rod feeder system

Grain Refining

The Hycast Rod Feeder is a robust and reliable system for even and stable melt grain refining during casting. This technology has been developed based on operator friendly design and ease of access during operation and maintenance.

Main purpose using a grain refiner:

  • Reduced tendendy of hot-cracks during casting
  • Improved mechanical properties of the end-product
  • More homogeneous microstructure
  • Reduction of surface defects during rolling
  • Improved anodizing properties of the end product

Rod Feeder

  • Available as RF-2: One feeder and two coil cages
  • Available as RF-4: Two feeders and four coil cages
  • Robust design and functionality for optimal and stable performance
  • Operator and maintenance friendly
  • Revolvable and individual coil cage for easy access and handling of coils
  • Step-less feeding of grain refiner rod with frequency converter
  • Feeding speed range from 10-1000cm/min
  • Optional with crane on top column for easy coil replacement
  • Control cabinet incl. pneumatic valve arrangement
  • Electrical cabinet with service buttons, emergency stop and local isolator
  • Integrated into existing control system and HMI