Hycast - Launder systems

Launder Systems

Hyacast Launder Systems are know for its standardized design, optimal performance, quality and low operational cost. Our systems are customized based on metal flow to avoid inclusion formation in the launders and to avoid unneccesary heat loss. Typpical abbrevation for launders are L-x, where x is the maximum metal flow in the launder system.

The following standard launder profiles are available:

  • L-20 - flow rate 7-20 mt/h
  • L-45 - flow rate 15-45 mt/h
  • L-80 - flow rate 40-80 mt/h

Key features

  • Prefabricated launder refractory modules with low thermal conductivity and excellent mechanical strength.
  • Sutitable insulation materials to achieve low surface temperature
  • Launder support with cradle solution allowing thermal expansion
  • Operating cabinet / operator box
  • PLC/MCC cabinet and control desk
  • Tailor made system for draining
  • Adjustable launder system customized for LPC casting technology