Hycast - Rolling slab casting technology

AFM rolling slab casting technology

The AFM technology is an abbrevation for Adjustable Flexible Mould and is based on proven and game changing flexible mould technology for rolling slab casting. It provides better rolling slab geometry and lower investment costs.

The AFM casting sequence is fully automated in combination with Hycast Casting Control System.

Key features

  • Based on proven flexible mould technology
  • Casting technology that eliminates rolling slab butt swell
  • Adjustment range of 300-400mm (width)
  • Highly accurate and fully automatic width adjustment
  • Lower investment cost due to reduced need for mould sets
  • Flatness tolerances of +/- 2mm
  • Blocking of water in corners are automatically adjusted according to the width adjustment
  • Fully automated casting sequence when combined with Hycast Casting Control System